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les halles du 14ème siècle

Mornac-sur-Seudre, classified amongst
 the most beautiful villages in France

It is worth returning to Mornac to see it captured in the various shades of light at different times of the day and at different seasons.

Mornac-sur-Seudre is a place that tourists passing through the area like to visit, a place to aim for when walking, and for those who live in the region, a village to return to repeatedly.

From this point of view, it is a little bit like Talmont-sur-Gironde, first of all one visits to see the Romanesque church and the village there and then there is an urge to return for the atmosphere and for just strolling around.

These two villages, classified amongst the most beautiful villages in France, have several things in common ; the proximity of an estuary, in the case of Talmont, the biggest estuary in Europe and for Mornac, quite a small estuary, the river Seudre ; two 12th Century Romanesque churches, reinforced to face up to the ravages of the wars at that time; a tourist development with the various boutiques of artisans and craftsmen.

At Mornac, continue the visit to the village with a walk in the marshes going towards the Seudre.

It is worth returning to Mornac to see it captured in the various shades of light at different times of the day and at different seasons, as I have tried to capture in the photographs.

The village and the church of Saint Nicholas

The access to Mornac is easy from Saint-Sulpice-de-Royan, on the D733 route, Royan-Rochefort.
The D140 leaves the D733 at Fontbedeau, near the train station Saujon-La Tremblade, and continues on to Mornac through the marshes.

Several car parks have been built near the centre to welcome the numerous summer visitors.

The 14th century market is a good starting point for the visit.
From there, on the right-hand side you will see the fortified bell tower of the church of Saint Nicholas .

The interior of the church, a little below street level, with beautiful Romanesque columns, is well worth looking around before leaving by the door on the left, which leads to the stairs going up to the bell tower.

The ascent to the top of the bell tower is absolutely recommended in order to take advantage of a panoramic view over the roofs with their curved tiles, the remaining part of the castle, the marshes, the ‘claires’ oyster beds, the canals and the Seudre.

On leaving the church, continue along la rue du Port which curves down to the small square in front of the port.

Alternatively, you can take the slightly longer route through the alleys which will lead eventually to the port, just follow the downhill slope.

At any time of the day or evening during the season, you can always take a small break for refreshments.

"La Bonne Tarte", on the left-hand side walking down la rue du Port and open all the year round, is famous for its plum tarts.

A little lower down on the right-hand side of the port, the creperie installed in the old mill, with a very pleasant terrace overlooking the marsh, offers a wide and varied menu at very reasonable prices and a very warm reception.

The Port

The port shelters some old riggings which contribute, with the old water mill, to give an impression of a bye-gone age.

Face to the port, we recommend a very good restaurant for sea food and products of the "terroir".

Restaurant "Le p'tit phare"
44, rue du port
17113 Mornac-sur-Seudre
Phone :
web site

Walk from the port to the Seudre

From the port, take the small road on the right-hand side which goes along the canal.

As the road continues, the oyster huts become less numerous and one is quickly surrounded with oyster 'claires’ on the right and on the left, until arriving at the Seudre.

This part of the marsh is very much exploited for the production of oysters and by modern oyster establishments, which look nothing like the traditional oyster huts and which line the edge of the Seudre.

The landscape is very different at low tide or high tide, as the tide comes in or as it ebbs away.

The canal and the Seudre change at different times as well, sometimes very busy with passing boats and at other times, quieter and more serene.

Whatever the time or whatever the season, one can take advantage of the space, of the peace and the luminosity that comes from the water, from the ground and from the sky …

la tour de l'église, vue des halles
vue du haut du clocher
la rue du Port
la 'Bonne Tarte'
le moulin
le port et les gréements anciens
le chenal
un chaland ostréicole
bateau remontant le chenal

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