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a method of cooking mussels in the region

I like, you like, we like, everyone likes mussels, nature, marinières or in sauce Mouclade.

Then, you will also like the "éclade", it is the official name for this method of cooking mussels but people from this region generally say "la terrée".

Enjoy the éclade or terrée with friends, in the garden. Do you want the recipe?

You will need 500 grams of mussels per person, a piece of wood about 50 cms by 50 cms, and a bag of pine needles, which you will go to collect with the children, in the forest of Palmyre or somewhere else.

When the mussels have been washed, the hardest work will begin. You have to do a balancing act with them. First of all,you need to stand the mussels on the board stacked tightly together, with the pointed part of the shell facing upwards.
A little trick to help you succeed ; put half a potato in
the centre of the board to hold the first mussels upright.
Once you get the first mussels in place, the rest is easy – you will
see !

Then you must cover all of the mussels with your pine needles and strike a match to light them. Attention, please, set fire to the mussels, not the house!

Lovely to look at, delightful to eat. While the mussels cook in their shells and in their juice (for a few minutes), you should have prepared slices of fresh buttered bread or toast, with slices of pâté or cold pork which will accompany this meal of mussels beautifully.

Please, do not forget to provide a big basin of water nearby, not to drink, but to rinse your fingers, because this gourmet menu is best eaten with your fingers and the mussels are black - black after cooking. Another little bit of advice, please, wear appropriate clothes, nothing too delicate! Enjoy your meal !

If you are not planning to eat mussels in the garden, it is better to go and enjoy the éclade on the banks of Seudre in La Tremblade, where friendly fishermen welcome you in their picturesque huts which they transform in the holiday season into restaurants. I recommend the restaurant ‘La Bonne Renommée' or the restaurant of the Razé family to you.

The resorts organise huge éclades for holiday-makers. Let's go there, it is very convivial and friendly.

Eclade de moules in Epargnes


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